On The Ranch Yarn Club | Non-Mystery - Happenstance Base

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PLEASE do NOT add anything else to your cart with the YOTM skeins.  Should you by mistake, I'll email you to separate the order and pay additional shipping.   Thank you for understanding!!  


Once a month for a colorway has shipped, I'll add any extras on their own listing. Below you will find all the links for all the colorways so far:

Anything For Daddy - May 2022 - Click Here

Loyal To A Fault - June 2022 -  Click Here

Heart of Gold - July 2022 - Click Here

Mama Bear - August 2022 - Shipping August 7th (order by July 20th to get this colorway - see photo below)


Club Details

Starts April, 1, 2022

Sign Ups Open all month long. Sign up by the 20th to get the next months shipment. 

Exclusivity:  This club is not exclusive. Some extras will be dyed and put in the shop and may be dyed throughout the year(s).

Non-Mystery Club: This club will not be a surprise (unless you don’t peek). Every month before the payment is taken out (the 1st of the following month), I will post a photo on this listing of the color way coming up. This will be posted by the 25th of the month. You can decide then if you’d like to let that charge go through, you can skip it, or you can cancel at any time. The first color way is the May color way. For the month of April you will be able to see the May color way. Then in May, I will post the June color way by May 25th and so on. 

Perks to subscribing: There is a 5% savings for each subscription charge. For subscribers, I also send a 15% off your next purchase coupon code with the shipment so you can save on my regular priced skeins too. Coupon codes are not good on subscriptions. 

You also have the option to just make a one time purchase each month.  

When will I get my first orderIf you place your subscription order between the 1st and the 20th of the month, you will get the next months shipment. Example: You start the subscription on April 11th, your first shipment will be the May shipment. If you begin your subscription after the 20th, you will wait an additional month to receive your first shipment (June).  One time purchases follow the same rules. 

Should you sign up after the 20th, and I have extras in the base you chose, I will bump up your subscription so you will get that colorway. Example: You subscribe April 21st and I have an extra. I will move your next charge date to May 1st (instead of June 1st) and ship you the May color way as your first. You will always pay a month in advance. 

Shipping:  Club color ways will ship out on or before the 7th of the following month when payment is taken.

When will I be charged: You will be charged for the first time when you initially sign up. Then every month thereafter on the 1st. The exception is if you sign up after the 20th. Then you will be charged on the day you sign up, then it will skip the next month. For example: You start your subscription on April 21st. You will be charged on April 21st, then not again until June 1st, then every month on the 1st. Your first shipment in this case would be the June shipment. 

What if I add other things to my cart with the subscription: If you add anything else to your cart (in stock or pre-orders) besides the subscription, those items will not ship until your club shipment is shipped.  If it's a pre-order item and that ship date is after your club ship date, all items from that order will ship on the later date. It's best to check out separately. :)

What’s Included: For each month you are subscribed, you will receive 1 full skein of self striping yarn and a coordinating mini skein on the base of choice. Please see the photos of the color ways and mini skeins. 

When will it end: There will be at least 12 color ways in this series. All self striping. It will continue until you cancel or I run out of color ways. :)


Happenstance Base

Fiber Content: 80% Superwash Merino / 20% Nylon
Approximately 434 Yards Fingering Weight
115 grams (approximately) - 4 ply

Mini = 25 grams