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Antique Circular Sock Knitting Machine - Creelman Klondyke

$ 900.00

Brand Creelman

This product is sold out



Creelman Klondyke circular knitting machine

72 Slot Cylinder

54 Slot Cylinder

36 Ribber dial with ribber attachment arm

Yarn mast

Digital Row counter that can be removed if wanted to 

Enough needles to fit the 72 slot cylinder, plus extra

Ribber needles

Entire cone of waste yarn in white

Cast on bonnet made on this machine

Two skeins of indie dyed yarn

V hook

two heel forks -  you just need to add weights 

Pick tool


Extra spring

Bottle of oil

Set of Stem weights

Cast on basket ( rough shape but that's how I received it.  I prefer the bonnet)

This machine was my very first machine and knit many many pairs of great socks!!! I only used the cylinders, never the ribber, so I cannot attest to it actually working, but all the parts move freely so I suspect it does work.  The person I purchased from indicated that the ribber did work.  I just never tried it. 

As you can see I am including a lot of items with this machine so you can begin right out of the box. 

I haven't used it in a while so it will come to you a bit oily, and perhaps a good cleaning will be in order too.  Fresh bath, fresh start, after being shipped.  

Below you will see a video of the machine working.  The yarn you see is an Opal yarn.  I used that to make the cast on bonnet (included) and the white is just the waste yarn and to show the machine knitting.  The white made this easier to see than the Opal yarn.  

Also included is a row counter.  This functions using a small magnet that is taped to the side of the yarn carrier.  When that magnet passes the yellow bar, it counts in increments of 1.  Each pass, backwards or forwards, it will count 1.  This easily clears with a push of a button and it is easy to read as it is digital. I have attached using zip ties, so these can be easily removed if you have a different way you'd like to attach it. 

In the box is a full cone of Yeoman yarn that I use for my waste yarn.  I purchase directly from the supplier HERE. I also added in two skeins of indie dyed yarn that I purchased. :)

If you have any questions, please let me know.  

All sales are final. No refunds/returns. 

Machine is as is.  This is an antique so like any antique, it will have its own quirks, but it is a fine working machine with a lot of history.  I am selling it for the simple fact that it never gets used anymore.  It should go to someone that will use and enjoy it.