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Commissioned Hand Cranked SOCKS - 64 or 72 Stitch!!!

$ 23.00

Hello Knitters!!

Do you have skeins of yarn that you'd like to have knit up as socks but just have SO much stash you'll never get through it?

Are you an Indie Dyer that needs samples for your shop?

Do you have some gift knitting that you need to get done but don't have time to knit them??

Do you want knit socks but don't know how to knit???

This service is perfect for you then!!

In addition to my Sock Tube Commission Requests, I am now offering full pairs of socks that are hand cranked by me!! All you do is send me your yarn, provide some information to me and I'll send you back a pair (or pairs) of socks!! No finishing for you except for washing and blocking!!!

I have a 64 and  a 72 cylinder.  What this means is how many stitches I can cast on to make your socks.  I can also play with gauge a bit so I can make a pair of socks that would match (as close as possible) to socks you would hand knit. 

Not sure what your gauge is? That's ok.  Just let me know what you typically cast on (the number of stitches) and what your gauge is, meaning how many stitches you get per inch in your knitting. I will do my very best to get as close to that as I can.

Note: I measure BEFORE washing/blocking for the below results.

For fingering weight yarn that is 80/20 or 75/25 using 64 stitches, the smallest circumference I can obtain is 9 stitches per inch which calculates to be a 7.11" circumference sock.

For the same type of yarns using 72 stitches the smallest circumference I can obtain is also 9 stitches per inch for an 8" circumference.

9 stitches per inch is the highest number of stitches I can get per inch using either 64 or 72.

This will depend on the sock yarn, but I've found that this is typical on most fingering weight yarns.

What you need to know:

  • This listing is for me to knit yarn that you already own.
  • You will send the skeins to me to be knit into a pair of socks. 
  • Any leftover yarn will be sent back to you.
  • You can choose standard length socks as shown in the photos or you can choose shorties with or with out the heel tab.
  • The cost is per pair of socks! So if you have small feet and want two pairs of shorties out of one skein, your cost for two pair would be $46.00 USD.
  • The total cost includes a hemmed cuff (30 rows folded is standard. If you want them longer, no problem), knit leg, short row heels (standard or deep heel), knit foot, the toe and hand kitchnering.  The socks will be finished and ends woven in.
  • If you want a different yarn for heels and toes, there is an extra fee of $2.00 per pair of socks.
  • I cannot offer ribbing at this time.
  • This service is not for making scrappy socks. One color for the main portion of the sock and one color for contrasting heels and toes should you wish for that option.

What all this means is that if you have skein(s) of yarn that you would like knit up into socks, you would purchase this listing for the number of socks you would like knit up and complete check out.  I will then reach out to you using the email address you've provided to give you my address to ship the yarn to me and to confirm all the details on how you want your socks constructed. 

Then all you have to do is mail the yarn to me.  Please be sure to include enough yarn to knit the socks and if you want a different yarn for the heels and toes, be sure to send that yarn too!! I will email you to let you know when I've received it and I will be sure to have it back in the mail by the 14th business day after receipt.  If this falls on a Sunday or a mail holiday, it will be mailed the next available mailing day.

Want to buy yarn directly from a shop (or my shop!!) and save on shipping it to me to knit up for you?  No problem!! Purchase this listing for the number of socks you are buying and leave a note stating you are purchasing directly from a shop.  I will then email you with my address.  Just have the yarn sent to me.  Everything else will be the same.  I will contact you once received and ship it back to you with in 14 business days! 

If you find that you still have questions, please reach out to me via the Contact Us link at the top of the page and I will be happy to help the best I can!