Welcome Friends!! 

I am so glad you found me over here in our new little spot! We really loved Etsy but it was time to grow and become our own niche in the crafting community. 

Plans for this new shop will still include the updates with my bags, plus YARN and other goodies too.  I will announce these on Instagram (freckled whimsy) as well as adding a photo to the home page here.  This way you will always know when there is a planned update to set your alarms to... ;) 

The store will officially open in a few days so you can look around. Feel free to bookmark the shop and also register! This will help the shop remember you for faster check outs! 

Oh! If you have coupons from Etsy that are still valid, they will work here too! Don't forget to use them :)

Happy Shopping!

February 04, 2016 — Karrie Winters