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PLEASE do NOT add anything else to your cart with the Advent skeins.  Items will be refunded if you do. Multiple Advents in any combination are ok!

Round 1 begins April 1st  @ 9 am CT - Quantities are limited this year so sign up early!  (newsletter subscribers were notified on March 28th and were able to order early)

This may be the ONLY round this year so grab your skein while you can! 

Refunds or cancellations will NOT be granted, so please be sure in your purchase. 

Hello Friends!!! Welcome to the PRE-ORDER of my fourth annual (WHAT??) Advent self striping color way!!!! I am so excited to offer this to all of you again this year!!  The idea here is to cast on a pair of socks (or the item of your choosing) on December 1st 2024 and knit/crochet a little bit each day and by Christmas, you'll have a completed pair of socks to wear :). Depending on your gauge and the size item you are making, this may be more than one stripe per day.

Here are all the details:

This will be a surprise color way, never been dyed before! This will only be offered for a limited time, but I do reserve the right to repeat this color way in the future should I choose to.

Each of the 24 stripes will be it's own unique color, no duplicates, until the stripes repeat of course.

There will only be a one option to choose from for the main self striping skein:

  • "Two 50 g matching skeins" - Two 50 gram skeins of the self striping, with or with out a mini skein. Each skein will start at the same spot. Most people knit socks and this is the best way to have the least amount of waste yarn when wanting your stripes to match.

There will be an option for a 25 gram mini skein to add if you would like. This will also be a different color than any of the stripes, so a total of 25 if you get the mini :) This year it will NOT be a white mini skein. 

You will have two fingering weight options to choose from this year. My Serendipity base and my Splendid base. See below for base information. The mini skeins will also be in the coordinating base.  

Let's Hashtag and Knit Along with each other!!! #FreckledWhimsyAdvent2024 --- Please tag your photos!! I would love to see how everyone gets along with their projects. I will also be casting on December 1st to join in on the fun. 


Serendipity (Fingering)  75% SW Merino, 25% Nylon | 460 yards / 100g - (25 g mini is 115 yards)

Splendid (Fingering)  85% SW Merino, 15% Nylon | 437 yards / 100g (25 g mini is 109 yards)

Serendipity DK (DK)  75% SW Merino, 25% Nylon | 245 yards / 100g (25 g mini is 61 yards)


I realize not all faiths have an Advent, but whether it does or not, if you love to knit, if you love self striping yarns, if you love to sit back and relax and let your mind wander away from the worries of the world for just a few minutes a day, then this could be for you :) 

The idea behind the Advent yarn is starting on December 1st, you knit one stripe a day, and by Christmas you'll have 24 stripes.  Now, of course, if you want to make socks out of it, you'll likely have to knit more than one stripe a day, and on two socks to have a completed pair before Christmas morn, but I think you get the idea. Just taking a few minutes a day to get away from the hustle and bustle from this time of year can be a mental health saver! 
Thank you so much to all of you! I hope you are as excited as I am about my forth annual Advent 24-stripe skein! 

Shipping will be from Illinois (USA) and will begin in October, starting with any international orders since those will take longer to be received.  Once all international orders are shipped, all US orders will begin to ship.  My hope is to have all skeins shipped on or before November 8th. My ultimate goal is to get all skeins that were ordered in your hands before December 1st!!! Please know this is subject to change as we all know, life happens sometimes. 

With this said, once I drop the packages off at the post office, what happens is out of my control.  This time of year, there can be shipping delays and I have zero control over that.  However, this is why my goal is to ship them by November 8th!!! 

Base Information

Serendipity (Fingering)  75% SW Merino, 25% Nylon | 460 yards / 100g

Serendipity DK (DK)  75% SW Merino, 25% Nylon | 245 yards / 100g

Glee (Fingering)  90% SW Targhee, 10% Nylon | 465 yards / 115g

Kismet (Fingering)  80% SW Merino, 20% Nylon | 413 yards / 115g

Happenstance (Fingering)  80% SW Merino, 20% Nylon | 434 yards / 115g

Minor bleeding may occur on the first wash. I do my best to capture the true color of the skeins, but monitors do vary. 

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