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Please read the below information before subscribing, especially for shipping information. If you order in stock items with a subscription, it will not ship until the subscription ships. If you want the in stock items sooner, please check out separately. :) 

If the club (or a particular base) shows as sold out, this means I have reached capacity. As I get cancellations, I'll add more spots. Feel free to use the "Notify Me" link to be notified when stock is updated. 

Serendipity (Fingering)  75% SW Merino, 25% Nylon | 460 yards / 100g - (25 g mini is 115 yards)

Splendid (Fingering)  85% SW Merino, 15% Nylon | 437 yards / 100g (25 g mini is 109 yards)

Serendipity DK (DK)  75% SW Merino, 25% Nylon | 245 yards / 100g (25 g mini is 61 yards)

NOTE:  I do my absolute best to send the yarn that you sign up for, however we all know from a few years ago, this isn't always in our control.  Should I run out of a base due to supply issues, I will send the most comparable yarn to what you ordered until stock is replenished. 

Club Details 

I've been wanting to do a Halloween Yarn Club for a while now and it's finally the perfect time! April 2024 is the halfway point to Halloween and we all want to get started on those spooky socks, right? 

The main skein in the club will always be a self striping skein. The number of stripe repeats can vary. The mini skeins will be 25 grams and be a tonal that will match one of the stripes in the main skein. 

  • The first shipment will be at the end of April 2024. Please allow until the very last day of April (and all following months) to receive a shipping notification :)

  • Shipments will ALWAYS be at the end of the month in which it was charged (except for the first month - see above). So if the charge date is May 1st, that shipment will go out before the last day of May.

Sign Ups:  If you sign up (or are charged) between the 1st and the 10th of the month, you will receive the shipment at the end of that same month and your next charge date will be the first of the following month. Example: If you sign up on May 5th, your first shipment will be at the end of May and the next charge will process on June 1st. 

If you sign up between the 11th and the last day of the month, your first skein will be shipped the following month. Example: If you order on May 13th, your first shipment will be sent at the end of JUNE.  Your second payment won't process until July 1st. 

Labeling: The yarn is labeled for the month it is received, not for the month you sign up or the month the charge is taken.  Sign up between November 11th and December 10th, your skein will be the January skein, as it will ship by the end of December. Sign up between December 11th and January 10th, your skein will be the February skein, as it will ship by the end of January. 

I will also be numbering them, so the first skein will be #1 and so on to make it easier to know that you didn't miss any :)

Exclusivity:  This clubs color ways are exclusive to members for at least 10 months before they may be added to the main line color ways.  (This timeframe used to be 12 months)

Perks to subscribing: There is a 5% savings for each subscription charge. For subscribers, I also send a 15% off your next purchase coupon code on the invoice with the shipment so you can save on my regular priced skeins too. Coupon codes are not good on subscriptions.  (15% coupon discontinued May 2024 due to double points earned in Loyalty club)

Shipping: Shipping will always be on or before the LAST DAY OF THE MONTH of your payment date.  Exception is if you sign up after the 10th. See above for info. 

When will I be charged: You will be charged for the first time when you initially sign up. Then every month thereafter on the 1st. The exception is if you sign up after the 10th. Then you will be charged on the day you sign up, then it will skip the next month. For example: You start your subscription on April 21st. You will be charged on April 21st, then not again until June 1st, then every month on the 1st. Your first shipment in this case would be the June shipment. 

When will it end: This is a revolving club so there is no end date right now.   Once you sign up you will stay enrolled unless you cancel or I decide to end the club.  So when a new year rolls in, you don't have to do anything if you want to continue :)

Base Information

Serendipity (Fingering)  75% SW Merino, 25% Nylon | 460 yards / 100g

Serendipity DK (DK)  75% SW Merino, 25% Nylon | 245 yards / 100g

Glee (Fingering)  90% SW Targhee, 10% Nylon | 465 yards / 115g

Kismet (Fingering)  80% SW Merino, 20% Nylon | 413 yards / 115g

Happenstance (Fingering)  80% SW Merino, 20% Nylon | 434 yards / 115g

Minor bleeding may occur on the first wash. I do my best to capture the true color of the skeins, but monitors do vary. 

Shipping FAQ

* Freckled Whimsy does ship every week day, Monday through Friday. 

* We also ship worldwide! 

* We try to get orders out with in 3 business days, however things like holidays, weather and illness may delay this time frame. 

* If you add on a skein winding service, this may also delay your order by 1 business day. 

* Shipping timeframe of Pre-Ordered items will be noted specifically in the listing, and on the receipt of your order. 

* As your package is bundled for shipping, you will receive an email notification that includes a tracking number. Please allow up to 24 hours/next business day for the label to be trackable. 

* International customers: we do NOT collect VAT, duties or any other fee your country may impose on imports. You may be charged customs/duties by your country over which we have zero control. Please do not ask us to fraudulently mark a package as "gift" or make any other attempt to bypass custom fees.

* Freckled Whimsy is not responsible for lost or missing packages. Tracking is automatically included for each package but not insurance. Choosing Priority Mail includes insurance automatically and is the best way to safeguard your purchase. 

Should you find yourself with a lost or missing package, please contact your local post office/carrier for resolution.