Hello Friends!!! 

Welcome to my first ever yarn of the month (YOTM) subscription!! I am SO excited and I hope you are too!! 

Spots are LIMITED, so grab one while they are available!! Sign ups will remain open until the 10th of the month, or until all spots are sold out!!! 


What you will receive each month:

  • 1 exclusive skein of self striping yarn with 3 options (see below)
  • A photo that shows how the yarn will knit up.  This will be posted in the color way group on the first of the month following that month's color way.  (I used to include a photo in the package but received a few messages stating that it would be helpful not to create more waste by using photos when they can be posted on the website. This way there is no chance of a sneak peek unless you really want it :). The link is HERE
  • Access to a secret page where, as a subscriber, you can purchase a previous months color way that had been dyed as extras (if there are any available).  This will begin in April, since March 2020 is the first month.
  • A coupon code to get 10% off all orders while you are a subscriber (this cannot be used towards subscriptions)

Other Details:

  • The base will be primarily my 75/25 base (Serendipity), but I may throw in a specialty yarn here and there too :) ---- NOTE:: Sadly due to the pandemic, it's nearly impossible to get my Serendipity Base.  Other fingering weight yarns will be used in its place until stock issues are resolved.  ~updated 9/2/20
  • These color ways will not be dyed for the regular shop (EVER) and will only be available to subscribers!
  • There will always be at least 5 stripes in the sequence, never less, but usually more
  • 3 options to choose from: 
  1.  A single 100 gram skein of the self striping yarn ($30.00 + shipping)
  2.  A single 100 gram skein of the self striping yarn + a coordinating 20 gram  mini skein ($36.00 + shipping) or
  3.  A single 80 gram skein of the self striping yarn + a coordinating 20 gram mini skein ($30.00 + shipping) (( UNAVAILABLE due to yarn shortage))

How it works: 

Each month, starting with March 2020, I will open a link on this page where you can sign up for your monthly subscription.  

This link will only be active from the 1st of the month to the 10th of the month.  When you sign up, you will be charged for your 1st shipment on that day.  

I am only keeping this open for this timeframe for one main reason.  I want you to get your yarn before you are charged again. This gives me time to dye all the orders and get them in the mail to you on or before the 25th of that SAME MONTH!! This should mean that you will get your yarn before you are charged again (unless you are international, as they will take longer to get to you).  

Once you are subscribed, there is nothing else you have to do for as long as you want to remain subscribed and as long as the given payment method is still active. 

Each month, you will be automatically charged on the same day of the month that you initially subscribed.  For example, if you subscribe on the 7th, every month there after you will be auto charged on the 7th, unless you cancel prior to the billing date. 

Nitty Gritty:

1.  If you want to change your yarn option, you will have to cancel the subscription you are active on and re-subscribe to the new option when ordering opens up. 

2.  You always have the option to update your personal and billing information.  When you purchase the subscription, at the bottom of your confirmation email, is a link where this can be done. 

3.  As a reminder for your upcoming charge, an email will be sent 1 day in advance.  This will allow you time to make any necessary changes prior to the billing. Remember, the charge is automatic unless you cancel.  

4.  You can cancel at any time, but I'd really like you to stay :)